Wooden Cufflinks

Tailor Made

Our wooden cufflinks are made from recycled Bruyère wood. This is painting in the production of pipes and known to have beautiful grains and unique appearance. . Wooden cufflinks are an ideal product to nicely engrave with your initials logo.

These unique cufflinks are made by hand. The logo is burned in the wood by means of a laser. After the laser engraving, the logo may not be updated to create more. This makes the perfect personalized promotional gift.

The printed wooden cufflinks has many advantages: There are small possibilities, you have an exclusive gift and they are ‘Green’ cufflinks.
Additionally, we offer the possibility to manufacture wooden cufflinks from trees from city parks, originating from Stichting Stadshout. Trees that are cut down are given a second life as cufflinks! This way you can have cufflinks made of Amsterdam or Rotterdam wood.

Contact us. We will gladly tell you more about it.

A pair of Wooden cufflinks is a special gift for Christmas, Holiday, Football, Valentine’s Day, Party, Fairs, Easter, Sinterklaas, Wedding / Wedding and all other types you can think of.

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