Recycled polyester scarves


A 100% recycled polyester scarf, rPET scarves can be made from as little as 100 pieces. By offering recycled scarves with a client his own logo, we want to contribute to the reduction of plastic. Digitally printed recycled scarves are a good alternative to a polyester scarf and we also help to redirect any waste to a new destination.

What are recycled rPET scarves?

Recycled polyester yarns are made of recycled plastic. It’s a green and sustainable alternative for other types of fabric. When you see polyester on a label, you often think that it is an unsustainable fibre, does not feel nice and makes you sweat quickly. Recycled polyester is not, it is a green version of the textile, which is made of PET. For example, found in water bottles, etc. These packagings are collected through various channels and strictly sorted, cleaned and washed before it comes to a yarn. rPET is a strong and environmentally friendly material. The production of new plastic is reduced and used plastic is recycled. In addition, it ensures that the waste mountain is smaller and that fewer plastic bottles end up in nature.

Plus points:
rPET is a durable and workable material
rPET is the most eco-friendly material
Solid and beautifully finished
rPET is just as good as new polyester, only it needs less recources

Recycled polyester scarves

The recycled printed scarves have a standard size of 140x18cm.

Your employees and / or relations will get through the winter well if you choose a recycled digitally printed scarf. Nowadays scarves with logo or text are also seen as a fashion accessory, so a scarf with logo will not only stand out within the company, but of course also when you go outside. For recycled printed scarves, many colours and gradients are possible.

Scarves can be made to measure with your own logo and 100% according to the wishes of the client in order to guarantee the client’s own identity, through our own design department, we can provide the entire process from design to delivery.

Our recycled printed scarves are fully custom-made and can be tailored 100% to the customer’s wishes by our design department. A unique Custom made give away!

Recycled polyester scarves with logo Recycled polyester scarves with company logo

Recycled polyester scarves tailor made Recycled polyester scarves personalized

Specialized in large numbers and productions;
Complete logistical support: we arrange the production and quality control from start to end;
Designers are available day and night.

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