What do we use your data for?

Bosscher International takes great care with all your data. We guarantee to safeguard the data we collect reliably, securely and with integrity. Your data is protected in the following way: Your data is stored in our secure non-public database. We use your data to make your visit to our website as quick and easy as possible.

Bosscher International uses the following data to make your visit as pleasant as possible:
If you fill in one of our forms with us, we need your name and e-mail address. We will only use these to answer your enquiry as soon as possible. Other data such as your telephone number will only be used with your permission.

Your data is safe with us.
Visits and possible messages are always appreciated by us. As a result, we will handle your data with great care. We keep your data safe and secure.

Your data will never be disclosed to third parties.
If you are afraid that we will sell your data to third parties, do not worry. Our employees are obliged to treat your data with strict confidentiality and respect.

Deleting or changing data
If you still do not want your data to be our system, we can also do this for you. All you need to do is contact 1 of our employees. This will then be arranged for you as soon as possible.

Code of conduct

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