Order your Premium Wearable

Order your Premium Wearable today!

Socks: From 120 pairs, for example, casual socks, sports socks, knee socks and ankle socks.
Hats: Knitted hats from 100 pieces
Scarves: From 100 pieces knitted, woven or digitally printed scarves
Gloves: Knitted from 250 pieces, thinsulate, fleece or touchscreen fingers
Cufflinks: Colored from 50 pairs, 3D or 2D model, diamond engraving or laser engraving
Pins: From 100 pieces, stick pins, tie pins or enamel, 3D pins
(Christmas) Sweaters: From 100 pieces, knitted
Baby items: From 250 pairs, e.g. baby socks, anti-slip socks or knee pads
Bath and/or flip flops: From 100 pairs in standard colours
Underwear: From 250 pieces, in cotton/organic cotton and bamboo
Winter sets: Can be combined from 100 sets

Interested in our Premium Wearables with your own logo?

Mail to info@bosscher-international.com or call +31 10 265 11 68 and we will discuss the possibilities together. On the page Working method states how we work.

If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll get to work on your application.