Knitted Shawls

Tailor Made

During outdoor activities, our scarves come in an optimal winter accessory.

The knitted shawls have a standard size of 140x18cm.

Custom-made shawls with own logo and 100% to the customer’s desire to ensure the customer’s own identity, through our own design department, we can provide the entire design process until delivery. Knitted scarves have different patterns on both sides. Knitted scarves can be produced in up to 6 colours. The usual sizes of knitted scarves are 18 cm wide and 140 cm long. Our MOQ is 100 pieces per design.

Looking for tailor made Knitted Shawls. Design your own Knitted Shawls Knitted Shawls tailor made

Specialized in large numbers and productions;
Complete logistical support: we arrange the production and quality control from start to end;
Designers are available day and night.

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