Onesie / Jumpsuit


An Onesie is a comfortable jumpsuit for children and adults. Typical for Onesies is that they consist of 1 part, therefore the name. The Onesie is often used for lounging or for nightwear. You can also see it coming back with carnival and on events.
You can now have your Onesie fully custom-made. It is not only for small children, but also for adults very tasty. The days of this versatile house suit are not over yet. No wonder, because these pyjamas are great after a hot bath or for by the (wood) stove. The model can be custom-made with a bonnet, a zip and the sleeves are trimmed with hem.
The onesies are usually made of a combination of polyester and cotton. The outside material is lovely warm fleece and a lining is optional. The onesie is so wonderfully soft and of course nice and warm.

You can wash the onesie normally at 40 degrees, hang on, or better on a hanger. This way you can be sure that the colours and shapes will stay beautiful for a long time.
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Onesie Onesie

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