rPet Socks


Socks from rPET are a beautiful and durable business gift! The socks are of excellent quality, are comfortable to wear and you do your bit to reduce emissions!

rPET socks are available from 600 pairs in a single design, from 1000 pairs rPET socks can be completely custom made. Please contact our design department and let us customize your durable sock.

Recycled polyester yarn is made from recycled plastic. It is a green and sustainable alternative to other types of fabric. When you see polyester on a label, you often think it’s an unsustainable fibre, doesn’t feel fine and sweats quickly. Recycled polyester is not, it is a green version of the textile, which is made of PET. For example, it can be found in water bottles etc. This packaging is collected through various channels and is stringently sorted, cleaned and washed before it reaches a yarn. rPET is a strong and environmentally friendly material. The production of new plastic is reduced and used plastic is recycled. In addition, it ensures that the waste mountain is reduced and fewer plastic bottles end up in nature. !

rPET is a sustainable and workable material
rPET is the most environmentally friendly material on the market
Sturdy and beautifully finished
rPET is as good as new polyester, but needs fewer raw materials

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