Compression Socks


Compression socks are perfect socks for everyday use, at work, home or sports. These socks are good for people who sit or stand still a lot during their working hours. There are many purposes for using the socks, in which support is pleasant. For example, walking, jogging, sports, working, travelling by plane, car or train.

These every day situations slow down the blood circulation, by means of our compression socks we improve the blood circulation. These socks can help with some medical diseases as thrombosis. Our compression socks can be Custom-Made starting at 300 pairs. Please contact us for a custom design compression sock! We will start with different designs and eventually we can arrange the entire shipment (including nice packing options).

Handy to know:
• Ideal for people who have to stand for a long time, walk or travel often
• Widely used by athletes
• Perfect socks for daily use, to promote blood circulation
• Nice packing possibilities, contact us for the various options.

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