Christmas Socks


Socks as a Christmas Present!

Our standard Christmas Socks, available from stock or customizable from 120 pairs with Oeko-Tex and Sedex 4 certificate. Can be personalized with a head card/sleeve or a nice box.

Cheerful Christmas socks are indispensable! Order the Christmas socks from stock with our standard designs or have the Christmas socks fully custom made to the wishes of the client. For both ladies and gentlemen, Christmas socks are the perfect addition to your Christmas outfit.
Of course, Christmas socks are also ideal to give as a gift during a Christmas drink or as a thank you for the hard work you have put in over the past year! The socks can be worn throughout the winter.

Our standard Christmas socks can be ordered from 25 pairs, in 1 size. Of course, the socks are also fully customizable from 120 pairs. Our socks are provided with Oeko-Tex thread and perfect as giveaway with a nice head card, sleeve or (Eco)-box.

Standard designs, minimum order 25 pairs
Available from stock
Tailor-made from 120 pairs
Designers available for your design
Tailor-made gift packaging possible
Shipment is arranged

Ask for more information on or call 010-2651168 for all possibilities.

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