Custom made Gloves


A cool premium during the winter period is of course the glove!
These knitted gloves (of course with logo) can be made in a corporate identity, special colours and desired logos.
Looking for gloves that you can personalize? From 250 pairs it is possible to have gloves made to your wishes.
There are different choices of materials, from Acrylic to recycled materials. Go for durable and choose a recycled glove, of course nice to combine with your own scarf and hat!

For the gloves you can choose from a uni-colour / multi-colour, with fingers or fingerless or even with a nice lining. Make the design as desired, quiet or busy and cheerful. The gloves are available in children’s, women’s and men’s sizes.

Of course our designers are ready to make a nice design for you, contact us, and we will immediately make your digital proofs.

Gloves Gloves

Specialized in large numbers and productions;
Complete logistical support: we arrange the production and quality control from start to end;
Designers are available day and night.

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