The boxer shorts have become an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. How cool is it to give away a boxer short as a premium or business gift to employees or customers etc.?

The Boxer short is made in different materials from 250 pieces. The most commonly used materials are: Organic Cotton, Cotton and Bamboo. When another material is desired, we like to hear it.
We work with high quality cotton or bamboo, this ensures a great wearing comfort and an often breathable boxer short. The elastic band ensures that the boxer shorts fit the body perfectly.
Both the elastic band and the fabric can be provided with your own design. Boxer shorts can also be used in combination with a pair of custom-made ‘Happy’ socks.

Boxershorts Boxershorts
Boxershorts BoxershortsBoxershorts BoxershortsBoxershorts

Specialized in large numbers and productions;
Complete logistical support: we arrange the production and quality control from start to end;
Designers are available day and night.

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