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Welcome to Bosscher International: we offer a complete service of tailor-made accessories, very rapidly delivered, for a good price!

The Bosscher International team aims for the best quality and price for every customer, whilst working passionately! Through our ambitions and experience, we learned to work customer-centered, where we focus on finding the best solution for every situation and offer a 100% service to provide the best service to our customer!

I have carefully selected and approached the production factories that we work with, to set the required expectations that enables us to guarantee our customers the best quality. The knowledge and experience that I gained within the industry comes from visiting and spending time in these factories (over a period of more than 15 years in the meantime), which I passionately convey to our colleagues and customers!

Our story starts nearly two decades ago, when a colleague from a similar company inspired me to start working in the industry of gentlemen’s accessories. I was convinced rather quickly and started the business with selling custom-made cufflinks within the Netherlands.
The cufflinks became very popular almost immediately, also amongst several Dutch celebrities (e.g. the Dutch Prime-minister and TV-presenter who is famous in the Netherlands for always being well-dressed). As there are more gentlemen’s accessories that are crucial to a men’s outfit, I started to expand the company with pins, socks, ties, and solar products.

Especially our socks are very much in favor, in the meantime we sell more socks than cufflinks! Our customers are all over Europe, next to selling our products in the Netherlands, we also work for companies in Belgium: our southern neighbors (University of Gent), recently made an order of 5000 custom-made socks.
As we do not want our customers to worry about any step in the process, we offer full-service from A to Z. So, we arrange development of the design(s), delivery of samples, the production, and the delivery of the order.

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Specialized in large numbers and productions;
Complete logistical support: we arrange the production and quality control from start to end;
Designers are available day and night.

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