Christmas socks on stock, quickly delivered!

Nice and cozy Christmas socks quickly delivered ? We are here for you!
The Christmas socks below are on stock in our warehouse.
Order fast because when you snooze you lose!

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Casual socks: 85% cotton, 10% polyamide, 5% elastane

Terry socks: padded with 100% terry

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Mail to : or call us at : +31 10 265 11 68

Plenty of sustainable gifts available, from Socks to Underwear and Cufflinks

UNDERWEAR from organic cotton

Underwear from organic cotton or bamboo, from men’s boxershorts to ladies thongs, fully Custom-made by for example a digital print.

Bamboo: Hygienic, silky and more durable than cotton

Certified organic cotton: this means that no pesticides or other substances have been used in the cultivation of the plants and that the cotton has not been genetically modified. Our products are GOTS-certified, which means that not only is the production of the raw materials organic, but also the further production chain is environmentally friendly and fair trade.

From 250 pieces!

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Now made of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester.
MOQ 1000 pieces

Prices on request after digital proof


HATS – SCARVES – GLOVES made from recycled cotton and polyester

Hats, gloves and scarves made of recycled materials. For example made of recycled plastic and recycled yarn. The production chain is GRS certified. MOQ 1200 pieces/pairs.

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rPET Scarves

rPET scarves, MOQ 100 pieces!
Full colour printed in own design. The scarves are printed with an ECO print method
(the dying process is Oeko-Tex Reach certified).

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SOCKS made of rPET or organic cotton

Go for fully recycled or organic cotton socks! Possiblities from 1000 pairs!
Just as comfortable as our normal socks but more sustainable.

Sokken (met verpakking op maat)

CUFFLINKS made out of used trees

Unique cufflinks made of used trees. Trees that need to be chopped down will now have a second life. Wooden cufflinks can be Custom-made from 50 pairs!

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Sustainable request

Before you know it’s Christmas….
Order on time = more possibilities and better prices

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Happy Christmas sliders

The possibilities to order and give away sliders are endless, as a giveaway – retail campaigns – christmas gift or as a thank you for your hard work. Sliders can be custom-made from 100 pairs

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Christmas- and winter jumpers

Christmas and winter jumpers have become an annual tradition for many companies. In their own design – already from 100 pieces divided into different sizes.


Knitted beanies

Perfect for the winter, make a special Christmas edition or choose a beanie that you can wear all winter, any design is possible! MOQ 100 pieces

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Scarves knitted or woven

Both single and double-sided. Many possibilities in terms of designs. Ideal for the winter. MOQ 50 pieces!

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Socks (with different kinds of packing)

Choose from standard Christmas designs or make your own design, available as a regular sock but also as a comfortable thick winter sock! A beautiful gift with a full colour printed box, a tin, a wrap or header card or any other packaging option. MOQ 120 pair!

Sokken (met verpakking op maat)

Underwear for him and her!

Underwear have become an integral part of all our wardrobes, how cool it is to order the socks at the same time as the underwear. From 250 pieces possible for men and women, in 3 different materials and in different sizes.

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Easy Marketing, we arrange everything from desgin to shipping.


Call or e-mail us at +31 10 265 11 68  or for more information to arrange a mailing request.









Neu! Kompressions-Socken
Kompressionsstrümpfe im eigenen Design ab 300 Paar!
– Ideal für Menschen, die lange stehen, viel gehen oder reisen müssen
– Weit verbreitet bei Sportlern
– Perfekte Socken für den täglichen Gebrauch, zur Förderung der Blutzirkulation.

Kompressions-Socken sind perfekte Socken für den täglichen Gebrauch, bei der Arbeit, zu Hause oder beim Sport. Diese Socken sind gut für Menschen, die während ihrer Arbeitszeit viel sitzen oder stehen. Es gibt viele Verwendungszwecke für die Socken, bei denen die Unterstützung angenehm ist. Zum Beispiel beim Walken, joggen, Sport, bei der Arbeit, auf Reisen mit dem Flugzeug, Auto oder Zug.
Unsere Kompressionsstrümpfe können bereits ab 300 Paar maßgefertigt werden. Wir beginnen mit verschiedenen Designs und können schließlich den gesamten Versand organisieren (einschließlich schöner Verpackungsmöglichkeiten).